Jennifer Massey is one of those actors that I think about immediately when I need a true professional whom I can count on.... She is a very fine actress.... She has made me cry, laugh, and view scenes in many different ways with her God-given talent. She always gives simple, honest and engaging performances every time she is called on.... I hire her every chance I get.
Mark Fincannon, Casting Director
Casting Society of America
I think Jennifer Massey is a real actress... and Massey has emotional depth... but, most of all, she's experienced and won't scream the audience out of the theatre by making a play too melodramatic.
Israel Horovitz, Playwright
What Jennifer brings to the table is a complete commitment not only to her character, but to the work as a whole. Her innate talent and considerable experience make her a valued creative collaborator, both on set and off. Though careful never to overstep into the creative purview of other artists, she provides considered insight that substantially improves the entire production (a critical concern in the independent arena). While her performance speaks for itself, it is in her contribution to the overall project that she truly stands out. The former makes her invaluable; the latter makes her indispensable.
William R. Coughlan, Director
Tohubohu Productions
Jennifer is a wonderful talent. She takes direction very well, has a great range and is a joy to work with. Definitely a Pro.
Paul Bruski, Senior Audio Engineer
In Your Ear
Jennifer is an intelligent and intuitive actor, as well as a joy to be around on the set. I am looking forward to the next time we work together.
Noah Pearcy, Director of Photography
BES Television
Jennifer possesses the two traits I value most in an actor: talent and professionalism. Even with very little notice, I can trust that Jennifer will bring credibility and passion to any role.
Matt Warren, Media Producer
Performance Impact, Inc
Jennifer is a true professional in every sense. She keeps things light and funny helping the crew through the day. Clients leave the studio thanking Comcast for the opportunity as well as commenting on how Jennifer helped them to feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Monica Callahan, Public Relations Specialist
Comcast Cable Communications
Jennifer is one very multi-talented actorů from writing and concepting to great performance on the screen, Jennifer Rocks!
Mark Remes, Producer
BES Television
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