Jennifer stars in a new indie short entitled Number One with a Bullet. The film, produced by Joy Haynes and Tohubohu Productions, was shot on location in and around Washington, DC.

The project is currently in post production, due to be completed sometime in 2009. To read more about the film and view the trailer, visit

Jack Reade (ERIK SYNNESTVEDT) is a mild-mannered academic who finally has a chance to publish his own "great American novel".... Jack is thrilled, UNTIL Pete (WHALEN J. LAURENCE), a smug and influential editor, informs Jack that the book is actually doomed to publishing purgatory and then accidentally dies. Oops. Carrie Singer (JENNIFER MASSEY), a publishing "secretary" ready for her big break as well, quickly takes Jack under her wing. Together the two concoct a scheme to take advantage of Pete's untimely death and greenlight Jack's book after all. Alas, Carrie and Jack discover that the publishing process is chock full of required signatures, and the crafty duo might just need a few more “accidents” to cover their tracks and make it the presses.