Jennifer Massey plays the lead role in Lucas Krost's "48 Hour Film Project" (48HFP) entitled Terminus.

Director Krost and his film company, The Branching, created Terminus to enter in round two of the 2007 48HFP contest. Krost's original entry, Decisive Moment won Richmond's BEST IN CITY award, ranked nationally in the top 47 of over 1800 other films, and won Krost the chance to compete in the Fall Shootout against the winners from 47 other cities. Hence, Terminus was born.

Terminus explores the comedy/action/adventure genre and stars Massey as a rockin' and powerful super hero.

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The 48HFP is an on-going contest held in various cities around the globe. Filmmakers are given EXACTLY 48 HOURS to make a five-to-seven-minute film from start to finish. The final films are screened and judged at local festivals, and the winners go on to compete for national and international recognition. Each year, the top winners are screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France. For more information, visit