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Jennifer recently shot footage for some new interactive web banners to support an ongoing internet campaign for Hanes Activewear. The original advertising stars Sarah Chalke (of the TV show "Scrubs").

The overall campaign features Chalke, Massey and other women trying to surreptitiously undo panty "wedgies" brought on by inferior underwear brands without using their hands. The results, endearingly termed wedgie dances, are hysterical.

The new Hanes "Wedgie Web Banners" are scheduled to appear online by March 2008 and will allow viewers to drag and manipulate the gyrating images or add their own faces to the online bodies to create a personalized wedgie dance of their own. Viewers are also invited to contribute their own "Wedgie Stories" to the Hanes site.

The new Hanes Activewear internet banners are produced by Park Group Productions based in Richmond, VA.
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Jennifer Massey is the new face for the Virginia State Fair.

This year's rather sublime ad campaign, created by Siddall, Inc. and produced by Richmond's Park Group, features a Mom wistfully opening mason jars to release the sounds and smells of the fair. The memories waft about her as she looks forward to the upcoming event.

Director, Scott Young, creates an ambience of warmth and light and as Jennifer (in the role of Mom) relishes the joy of fairs past and future.

The campaign is set to run this year and next.
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